Western Civilization, I

HUM 26-102 Western Civilization, I  – The Ancient World to 1500 is a 3 credit hour, Northwest Core (General Education) course that focuses on the political and cultural development of western Europe from the Paleolithic Age to the Reformation.

It isn’t your average western civilization course though. Sure, there are exams that test students’ knowledge of the key events, people, trends, and concepts of western development. But the framework of the course is a digital humanities project where groups of students create travel guides for a particular region during a particular time. The assignment is designed to assess students’ critical thinking abilities as well as their ability to manage large amounts of information and organize it into a coherent digital presentation that is viewed by the public at large.  Because the students work in teams, the assignment also gives them experience working with others and gives them the opportunity to hone leadership skills.

The links below are to the projects from the Fall, 2017 semester

Humanities 102 Western Civilization,I Travel Guide Project:  Time Voyager