The Ancient World

History 305 The Ancient World is a 3 credit hour course which examines the major events, trends, and personalities of the ancient world from the Mesopotamians to the Romans.  Special emphasis is placed on those concepts which are considered foundational for modern culture and society.

This course has a sister course, History 306 The Modern World, and together the courses are aimed at getting students to see the fundamental differences in how ancient and modern peoples think and how that thinking shapes politics and culture.

History 305 is designed to get students to see how many of the ideas that have shaped modern culture find their origins in the Near Eastern and Mediterranean cultures of antiquity. To demonstrate that understanding, students are creating a digital museum where they will trace the evolution of those key ideas in antiquity and draw conclusions about how their contemporary culture has interpreted them.

You kind find links to their projects below.

The Digital Museum of the Ancient World (Fall, 2017)